What are you doing this summer?


Due by Friday, June 2nd

We're bringing together high school students in the U.S. and China and challenging them to come up with a solution to a problem observed in both their communities.

We're looking for motivated and globally-minded college students to join us this summer as Social Innovation Fellows


About the Role

  • Research and define a social issue area that affects both the U.S. and China
  • Meet with an expert mentor working in the issue area to better understand current solutions being developed
  • Develop a set of discussions topics and use the provided curriculum to lead a group of U.S. and Chinese students to understand the problem and potential solutions
  • Provide guidance as they write a business plan for a web-based solution to address one of the problems within the issue area based on how they experience it in their communities


About the Competition

  • Five week online business plan competition focused on social innovation
  • Students from the U.S. and China are grouped together and assigned to Fellows 

The group(s) with the most viable business plan will be chosen by a panel of Fellows, entrepreneurs, mentors, and researchers. The selected groups will receive $1000 seed money and an additional two weeks of intensive mentoring to build and deploy a "minimum viable product (MVP)"


Supporters & Sponsors

The Fellowship and Competition are organized by DIVVII in Shanghai, China, and GOODProjects in Washington, D.C., USA, in conjunction with a network of education, non-profit, and government partners in the U.S. and in China.


For more information, please contact fellows@divviifellows.com.


Startup Hoyas, part of the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Entrepreneurship Initiative


The Office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Representative of Washington, D.C.


My Brother's Keeper D.C., part of the MBK initiative started by the White House under President Obama

My Brother's Keeper D.C.


D.C. Youth Corps, an initiative started by The Office of Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, D.C.

D.C. Youth Corps

Apply Now

Details of the fellowship are listed below the application form.


Fellowship Details

  • Dates: July 6 - August 10, two mornings per week (exact time TBD)
  • Format: Zoom video conferencing (account provided)
  • Timeline
    • Applications due June 2
    • Round One: Twenty minute interview with DIVVII within two weeks of application
    • Round Two: Issue area proposal due one week after successful interview
    • Round Three: Lesson plans due June 5
    • Selected Fellows: Receive group assignments June 19th


  • Current undergraduate or graduate student at an internationally-distinguished college or university
  • Demonstrated interest and fluency in entrepreneurship concepts and/or international business through campus events, student company, volunteering, or class concentration
  • Awareness of world events and are aware of global issues and trends

  • Able to use a laptop or desktop computer in a quiet location for all twelve video meetings (no mobile or tablets for fellows)
  • Preferred Candidates:
    • Founded or co-founded a successful student company, and/or received recognition from an accelerator, incubator, or business competition;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of Chinese business, culture, and/or language through study abroad, research, and/or internship/work experience;
    • Have experience as a tutor, teacher, or academic mentor (in any subject); and/or
    • Have experience as a group leader or manager (e.g. resident assistant; student organization, Boy Scout, youth group, or other team leader; intern coordinator; shift supervisor, etc.)


Fellow Responsibilities

  • Propose an "issue area" to be the framework for your group's business plan
  • Design a series of discussion topics within your issue area 
  • Lead a series of group discussions and activities following DIVVII's lesson plan
  • Track student assignments and follow up about unsubmitted work
  • Submit a report/reflection after each class meeting
  • Evaluate student projects on pitch day

Issue Areas

  • Conceptual framework for the set of problems students will explore as they define the specific value proposition for their social enterprise
  • Should reflect an issue of social importance (or that affects important social decisions)
  • Should be experienced (at least partially) on an individual level in both China and the U.S. 
  • Proposal for issue area (due one week after successful interview):
    • Identify and define the macro scale issue and explain in what ways it affects both China and the U.S. (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Explain the social significance of the issue, i.e. what is the social impact of leaving the problem untreated versus successfully solving it (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Provide examples of how the issue is manifested on an individual level and/or in daily life (1 paragraph each for US and China)
    • Give an overview of current efforts to address the issue area by governments, businesses, or non-profits/NGOs, as well as their current progress and effectiveness (2-3 paragraphs)